Surrealist Underwater Senior Portraits

These are not the usual senior photos. Those usually feature the graduating senior engaged in a sport or other extracurricular activity, or looking generally friendly, and upbeat and energetic. While those portraits are lovely, and treasured by parents and relatives, they don't always reflect the unique personality and creativity of their subject.

I was challenged by Kat to do some creative, and unexpected senior photos for her portraits. We decided to do her underwater senior photos in a freezing cold spring. Kat is unexpected, and rare; she is creative, passionate, motivated, confident, highly individualistic, and a talented dancer. All of those traits presented themselves during our brief but rewarding underwater shoot.

We had scheduling problems, and a few mishaps (like when a diver had to retrieve her dress from 16 feet below), but the photos that we took in the icy, deep water turned out better even than I had hoped. They are surrealistic, enigmatic, and unexpected. Although they are not technically perfect, they evoke the grace and individuality of their subject, and the magic of youthfulness. They are much like the moment before waking from a dream. I hope that you enjoy them as much I have.