Week 17: 52 Week Creative Photo Challenge

Week 17 was super fun, but definitely a challenge. Adrienne, the owner of Style FX, allowed to me shoot her portraits in her cute and colorful salon.  My main challenge this week was to create a Tim Burton-inspired look for this portrait session. We accomplished the character styling with an amazing team--stunning makeup by Jessica Bosley of House of Bosley, hair color formulation/styling/wardrobe by my lovely model Adrienne, hair color formulation by Melissa McCowen, and color application/styling by Jessica Rosado. To get the right look for the photos, I utilized the purple wall of the salon as the background and added a blue gelled light pointed at it to add depth and to give a vignetted look to the images. The salon hair dryer seat was used as a sort of throne and the actual dryer part was used to add a "halo" to some of the photos. I had envisioned her as a bit of a villain, like a cross between Edward Scissorhands (yes, I know he isn't evil, but he has a cool look) and Sweeney Todd, and I think she absolutely nailed it. I have uploaded a few of my favorites from this shoot to the gallery below!

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Me: noel_nichols Adrienne: dlc_designs Jessica Bosley: houseofbosley

Jessica Rosado: jessica_the_hairqueen Melissa McCowen: stylistmelmarie