Week 2: 52 Week Creative Portraiture Challenge

The Week 2 photo session was challening for several reasons:

1. The location we used is in a somewhat remote area, it is not super-safe (which is also why I am not disclosing this location to others), and it is difficult to transport the equipment needed for a shoot like this.

2. It was COLD. Well, cold for the South anyway, and my poor model had to face the cold in only her dance outfit.

3. It was night. It was around 7:30pm when we dragged the equipment to the location. Shooting at night is always challenging due to focusing issues when using auto-focus on the camera. It's also difficult to see your equipment, so if you're accident-prone like me, tripping over it or leaving it behind are very real possibilities. Luckily neither happened this time.

But that's the point of a photo challenge, really.

I cannot begin express my deep admiration for the way Danielle braved the cold weather, the dark, and the less-than-safe location. Not only is she exceptionally talented and beautiful, she's also kind of a badass. You can keep up with her by liking her Facebook page

The lovely Becca Wheless of HeadStrong Creative Hair Design styled this beautiful warrior-esque faux-hawk hair look to complete our concept. The multi-talented Karmelita Dancer designed this amazing costume that Danielle is wearing, and this costume actually inspired me to find the urban location that I chose for the shoot. And thanks to the ever-patient Drake assisted me on the shoot, and during the location-scouting. You can follow him on Twitter if you're the techy type. 

What do you think of Week 2? I would love to get your feedback in the comment section below!