Week 5: 52 Week Creative Portraiture Photo Challenge

My challenge for Week 5 was to use ONLY gelled (colorful) lighting for the shoot. This shoot was outdoors, and I had been expecting cloudy, overcast weather. But Florida weather is unpredictable and we ended up having a bright, cloudless sky at 11am yesterday when we were shooting. We improvised and shot in the shade on the steps, keeping the bright sunshine out of the frame. My lovely model for week 5 was Diana. The gelled lighting needed a little adjustment for her skin tone (something else that I hadn't anticipated), so I added a yellow gel on top of the green and red gels that were on the lights when we started.

My key light was a red gelled Alien Bee B400, with a green gelled Bowens lights for fill. The hair light was a teal gelled Alien Bee B400. I changed the Bowens gel light to pink for a couple of shots as well.

What would you guys like to see over the next few weeks? Do you like the experiments with gelled lighting?