Week 15: 52 Week Creative Photo Challenge

My challenge for Week 15 was to create multiple exposure photos without the help of photo editing software. Multiple exposure photos are basically layered images. In my case, I took photos of textures and object that I found interesting, and combined them with studio silhouette portraits of my model April. My Nikon D7000 has the capability to put together these multiple exposure photos in-camera. The only editing outside of my camera was to make the images smaller (the full-size images would be way too big to load on a screen!). I've also included an image that shows you some of the textures that I used for the images. I used betwen 2-5 images to complete each individual picture. Can you guess what all of these textures are?

One texture used (in the fourth image) was a April's birdcage tattoo by Pensacola artist Erin O'Shea.