She Dreams of the Ocean: The Mermaid

My gorgeous and oh-so-talented friend Angelynn (hairstylist + makeup artist + musician + poet) came to me with an idea about a mermaid. She told me that she had a generous friend who would be willing to let us borrow her mermaid tail for a photo shoot. Angelynn, who is modest and humble, actually meant for us to find a model for the shoot. But she is beautiful and bold and unique, so I asked her to model it instead, and she agreed.

Angelynn did her own hair and makeup (which was awesome). I managed to paint and customize a top using a $1 clam shell bra found at Dollar Tree and I brought a necklace and crown from my studio collection. This photo shoot was mostly unplanned and unassisted, and at the time, there 4 other photo shoots happening on the beach all around us. But we had fun, and we laughed and talked and had an amazing time working on this.

I photographed from the water (and yes, I stupidly took my camera into the water without a protective case, but it worked out okay this time) and from the rocks behind her. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather, or for a better location. Sadly, this will be my last shoot with Angelynn for a long, long time. She has the soul of a mermaid, and she will soon be off on her next great adventure to Los Angeles.