Week 9: 52 Week Creative Photo Challenge

Week 9 was challenging for a variety of reasons:

1. I was dead tired. I had been shooting and working since 9:30am, it was almost 8pm when I met up to do this shoot. But what is the point of doing this project if it doesn't get a little difficult?

2. It was DARK. I expected it to be a bit dark, but I hadn't planned on there being no light even in the parking lot. So we used our phones as flashlights and stumbled around in the total darkness, trying to make it work.

3. It was super windy. We only had one real chance at the sparklers because the wind was so strong that we could only light them once. My models for the week, Kayla and Donald, were real troopers and persevered through the extreme wind and cold.

So Week 9 was definitely not perfect, but in the end we got a few fun shots and now we have a fund story to tell about trying to light sparklers in a hand-dug trench in the ground!