Week 19: 52 Week Creative Photo Challenge

My challenge for Week 19 was to photograph Conner, a young local surfer. I've taken a few casual photos of surfers while at the beach, but I've never had the opportunity to really be engaged in photographing a particular surfer, so I was excited to be able to photograph Conner one-on-one. The waves weren't super-cooperative for the shoot, but part of the challenge was to roll with it! Conner was great and very persistent, going back into the surf to get the photos before the sun got too low in the sky. He also showed me some of his paddle board tricks, like a handstand (which I can't even do on solid ground, much less on a board in the middle of the water!) and a cartwheel. I also decided to include a behind-the-scenes cell phone photo (using the iPhone) of me photographing Conner and one of my professional photos for comparison. Check out my favorites from this fun sunset beach session below!