Week 43: 52 Week Creative Portrait Challenge

My challenge for Week 43 was to create a sinister pumpkin character photo shoot in the middle of a brightly-lit day. A behind-the-scenes shot is the 2nd photo in the gallery below. My lovely friend Andi (who is also an amazing masseuse and photographer) kindly took a few hours to come model for me, and we found this gnarly old tree almost immediately. I was particularly happy to find it so soon, because my equipment can be heavy and I wasn't looking forward to dragging it around the woods! This tree was perfect because it had so much texture and depth, and I was able to experiment with moving the light around it to create different effects and lighting angles. I achieved my desired lighting configuration by pushing my Alien Bee B800 to full power and arranging my camera accordingly. The pumpkin mask was purchased from Spirit Halloween. I had attempted to carve a pumpkin for this shoot myself but I failed miserably. I would love to know what you think of Week 43 in the comment section!