Week 22: 52 Week Creative Photo Challenge

My challenge for Week 22 was to recreate my mother's highschool senior portrait. The first part of the challenge was to locate the portrait in all of our combined photos and files, which was a difficult task on its own. I was hoping to be able to credit the original studio, but the logo has faded almost entirely from the printed image. If anyone does happen to know what photo studio it is, please let me know! This was taken at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA in the early 1980s. AFter we located the photo, I then worked on making the portrait look as close as possible to the original image. We located royal blue fabric for the drape (thanks Lauren at Joann Fabrics for finding ther perfect fabric and helping me when I walked in 10 minutes before closing!!!) and set up a hand-painted grey-blue backdrop. My mom isn't one for makeup, and she wasn't wearing any in her original image, so we opted to not go with makeup for the recreation, either. Thanks to my mom for letting me recreate this portrait and set up a studio in her living room and to Ivy and Drake for photo assistance! Let me know what you think of this week in the comments!